On-Site Primary Care Services

Overview of Primary Care Services

  • Routinely scheduled visits in the patient’s assisted living facility.
  • Telehealth appointments and family care conferences.
  • Oversight of orders, prescriptions, medications and records.
  • Focus on team based communications and care coordination between Care Teams, facility caregivers & staff, specialty care providers and family members.
  • Hometown Providers specialize in geriatrics.
  • Advance Care Planning and chronic care management.
  • Collaboration of services with hospitals, specialty care providers, lab & radiology services, therapists, home care and hospice.
  • Convenient communications, messaging and information sharing via our Hometown Portals.
  • Hometown does not charge additional fees to patients or assisted living residences for providing on-site care.
  • Similar to all primary care providers, care is billed directly to all health plans, including Medicare & Medicaid.


On-Site Primary Care Advantages
Patients receive one-on-one tailored care in their own home. This reduces the need for coordination of travel, time spent in waiting room and doctors’ offices and the financial impact on families to coordinate these visits. On-Site primary care also results in an improved quality of life by increasing social interaction in the home and minimizing the stress associated with the disruption in daily routine often associated with travel from home to and from the doctors’ office.

In addition to these benefits realized by the patient, the patient’s families also benefit from our On-Site care model. No longer will family members be forced to schedule time off from work to coordinate transportation for their loved one to attend a doctor’s appointment. However, we do actively encourage family members to take an active role in the care of their loved ones. Family members are encouraged to attend our on-site visits and through our portal will have access to patient care summaries and other clinical and financial data when appropriate.

The benefits of On-Site primary care also extend beyond the scope of patients and their family members and provide important services to the care providers within the facilities where our patients live. Our On-Site model of care facilitates strong relationships between caregivers and medical providers, resulting in increased continuity of care and clear goals of care. In addition, our model reduces the burden on providers to arrange transportation for our patients. Electronic scheduling and reminders of upcoming visits aid in efficiency and coordination of care between our providers and daily caregivers. Also, through our portal we provide a means of direct communication to our care teams for patient related questions and scheduling.

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